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Frequently Asked Questions About Towing

What should I do if my car gets towed for a parking violation?

If your car is towed for a parking violation, you should contact the Department of Streets and Sanitation or the local tow yard to retrieve your vehicle.

Are there any specific towing regulations or restrictions that I should be aware of as a driver?

Yes, Towing has regulations regarding parking, street cleaning, and snow emergencies. It's crucial to familiarize yourself with these rules to avoid towing.

My car broke down on a busy street. How do I ensure my safety while waiting for a tow truck?

Stay inside your vehicle with hazard lights on, and if possible, move to the side of the road. Call for help and inform them of your location.

Can I choose where my vehicle is towed, or is it taken to a specific impound lot?

In most cases, you can choose the destination, but certain circumstances, such as parking violations, may lead to specific impound lots.

What's the average response time for a tow truck to arrive in downtown during peak traffic hours?

Response times can vary, but during peak traffic hours in downtown, you might expect a wait of 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic conditions and demand.

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